About Us

Christ, the founder, hard at work.

  Sensenig Hardware was founded in 1941 by Christian (Christ) W. Sensenig.  The original name was C.W. Sensenig & Son.  Christ started with a harness shop and performed shoe repair.  Through the years the store evolved into a hardware store and no longer includes harness or shoe repair. 

  Christ founded C.W. Sensenig & Son in a former chicken house (pictured below).  Since it's beginning the store has expanded 3 times to become what it is today, a 7200 square foot showroom overflowing with all types of hardware, tools, new, used and hard-to-find items.

  The "son" in the original name, C.W. Sensenig & Son was Amos Z. Sensenig.  Amos was involved in the store until he passed away in 1995.  At one point Christ, Amos(son), and Marvin(grandson) were partners in the retail store.  Marvin is still a partner and the current ownership also includes Laura, Amos' daughter, and Peter, Marvin's son.

  Sensenig Hardware has been a family-owned business since 1941 and it's still in the same Sensenig family.  The Sensenig's continually remind themselves that the business is the Lord's and wish to steward it wisely.  Thanks for taking time to hear our story. Enjoy the pictures below.


Amos Sensenig (2nd from right) stands near Sensenig Hardware's second location.
The small building toward the right is the original store, chicken house.
Marvin and his son Peter, current owners, work the checkout as Maria, Marvin's daughter, looks on. This building was built in 1983.
Amos, standing near the checkout in the 1983 store.
Peter and Maria, play some monopoly near the stove, while Mom and Dad work.